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Enhanced Range of Motion in CrossFit and in Life

Ahead of reopening for summer 2021, we offered members free access to daily mobility routines from ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day). Why did we offer you this unique and exclusive service? Because we truly believe that good mobility is not only key to reaching your performance potential, but also key in the longevity of body and mind.

CrossFit is based on functional movement. That is; we move large loads, long distances, quickly. But what is so important about functional movements is that they employ universal motor recruitment patterns that are natural and essential to independent living and quality of life. For example, standing up from a seated position is one of the most biomechanically natural movements we as humans do, right? Regular practice of the air squat will enhance longevity of this functional movement throughout your lifetime. Practicing it with your body weight loaded onto your back will enhance it further still. But why do we often fail to do something so simple? In almost all cases the limiting factor is not strength, it is mobility.

We find that we can't squat below parallel. We roll our knees inside our feet. We fail to maintain an even distribution of weight on our heels. And worst of all, we fail to maintain the lumbar curve in our spine. Not only do these things compromise quality mechanics of the movement, but they also put you at high risk of injury.

We cannot stress this enough. 15-20 minutes of mobility per day will improve your athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury, accelerate recovery, and extend your long-term independence and quality of life.

15-20 minutes. That's all it takes. Following a ROMWOD routine even just 3 times a week will give you noticeable results in and out of the gym. And if our word for it isn’t enough, the program is trusted by professional athletes from many different sporting domains. In CrossFit, Tia-Claire Toomey, Pat Vellner, and Laura Horvath to name just a few.

Just remember: If you want to get up off of the toilet at the age of 80 without assistance, dignity intact, you are going to need open hips. Let's all do our best to make mobility part of our daily routine.

Members can access the daily ROMWOD via the SugarWOD app under the programmed daily workout.

Written by Coach Stuart

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