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Norse Mantra to Live through the Ages

Once upon a time there was a CrossFit viking who said:

'If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand beside you, respect them. If they stand against you, defeat them'.

We at Meat Factory are that very same viking.

Butchers protect those who need us most by helping them get stronger. We notice their struggle because we were there once, too. So we share our knowledge, we motivate them, guide them, stand up for them. From the very beginning we welcome them warmly into our community by cheering them on until one day they are themselves ready to lead.

Butchers set an example by being humble and leaving our egos on the street. We treat everybody equally, with the utmost respect. There is no place for spite or cockiness in a Butchers world.

Butchers demand that everybody around us live by these examples by educating the ignorant few and demonstrating the rules. We treat the community like our family, the box and equipment like it were our own home.

Be a leader. Be an example. Be a real Meat Factory Butcher.

Written by Coach Maty

CrossFit Meat Factory

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